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Liverpool Motor Club Aintree Sprint June 20th 2017

Looking for the photos from Liverpool Motor club June 20th 2017 Sprint? Click here.
Liverpool Motor Club Aintree Sprint April 22nd 2017 inc caterham academy

Looking for the photos from Liverpool Motor club April 22nd 2017 Sprint?

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Mark Gilbert, James Murphy, Mark Tredwin, Neil Wright, John Isherwood, James Bevan, Adam Harrison, Toby Clowes, Paul Steed, David Spare, Graham Macdonald, Jonny Jarratt, James de Lusignan, Ben Miller, Neil Fraser, Paul Fielder, Daniel French, Matthew Creak, Mark Williams, Russell Harrison, Paul Marsch, Ian Knight, Ramnath Nandakumar, Alexander Zhmotov, Ryan Scarratt, Matt Sheppard, Kevin Ireland, White Group, Neal O'Leary, James Gilmour, Sam Jefferson, Matt Topham, Tom Allen, Aaron Dalrymple, Martin Preston, Andy Morgan, Al Hogarth, Alastair Currey, Tommaso Mancuso, Daniel Halstead, Tom Pontin, Chris Bates, Tom Grensinger, Jim Irlam, Nilesh Parmar, Ralph Jenner, Paul Mallett, Scott Parker, Simon Goodwin, Mark Smith, Oli Pratt, Richard Clegg, Will Pratt, James McCall, John Stone, Al Melton,
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It's about time for a facelift so with the New Year comes some new branding, a slicker website and an improved online sales system that will be activated for all future events.

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Liverpool Motor club photos: October 1st 2016 Track day

Looking for the Liverpool Motor club images for the October 1st 2016 Track day?

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Car carnival on the green 2016 : Wrea Green car show

The sun is shining and the 2016 Car Carnival is here!

It's only 9.30am and the cars have started to arrive.
Show starts at 1pm and runs through 'till 3pm.

Here are a couple of photos to start the day off ...

More photos of the show and cars to follow here later on today

And before anyone asks, there were no drones used in the creation of these images. I wouldn't dare!

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Liverpool Motor CLub Sprint images 2016

Looking for the Liverpool Motor club images for the April 23rd 2016 sprint?
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Video preview now uploaded to facebook - like for more updates!

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Domestic and commercial Property - rooftop photography
With the recent wintery weather I have been kept busy helping people inspect potential wind and rain damage in hard to reach places around their property.

No ladders or scaffold required to examine and photograph the roof of most domestic and small commercial properties!

please click here to get a free quote if you live in the Lytham St Annes area and would like your roof inspecting or need to look where a ladder cant reach to find the source of a leak.

Photos can be prepared the same day to substantiate insurance claims without having to wait for their inspectors to call.
Note: This service does not use drones or remote control aircraft)

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Kingfishers !

It seems they are like buses, you wait all your life for one then two turn up right on your doorstep. A pair of Kingfishers turned up on my local patch today - Happy-day!
Maybe I use the term pair loosely, there are certainly 2, from the views I have had today of both together I think both are female or possibly both this years young so still appear female!! more photos to follow ..... I hope!!

Two Kingfishers perched together - Record shot just to prove 2 birds were there.
(photo equipment was at full stretch & taken as the sun was setting)

Bird no' 1 posing

Bird no' 1 perched after catching it's tea!!
Aintree sprint and track day photography 2015
Liverpool Motor Club Aintree sprint and track day photographs for 2014 and 2015 are now available to preview and purchase, 2016 photos to follow in due course.

Jon Townsley feeds his Formula Ford into Country Corner chased by a number of other single seats (October 3rd track day)

CLICK HERE for photos of the October 3rd 2015 track day.

"Dude, where's my car?" To jump the processing queue, hit the get in touch button above and tell me your car type, number or reg.

Geoffrey Cowell points his Hitech DPR1100 into Country corner (Sept 5th 2015)

300 Photos from the September 5th 2015 Aintree sprint are NOW ONLINE CLICK here.

Photos from the June 27th 2015 Jack Neal Memorial Sprint are here.

Photos from the September 2014 Aintree sprint are here .

Chris Berrisford locks up and puts a wheel of his Subaru on the grass (Sept 5th)

Richard Hargreaves accelerates his Mk2 Escort out of village and down Valentine's (Sept 5th 2015)

Rob Holt puts his Elise into Village slightly sideways (Sept 5th 2015)
Car carnival on the green 2015 May 31st

All photographs of the 2015 event and previous years are available to purchase,

A show of Classic, Vintage and Super Cars at Wrea Green, Lancashire. Supporting Trinity Hospice

Click here to see some of the entrants from previous years.

Wildlife and birds of Fylde, Lancashire and beyond 2015 - A personal indulgence

A photographic log here of the animal and bird life that I encounter during 2015, some will be familiar sightings hopefully some will be a little more exotic.

Bickering Buzzards near Preston February 2015

Roe doe Fylde woodland February 2015

Let me know if you have any specific wildlife photography requests if your request cannot be satisfied from my stock images I am always on the lookout for commission opportunities. Your comments are always welcome.
Aerial Photography in Lancashire
Go anywhere, high definition aerial photography
Share a view of your world from an angle no one else can attain, from up above.

This image of the W3644 Spitfire memorial at Fairhaven Lake, near Lytham, Lancashire was captured just after the spitfire was installed.

View your world from an angle no one else can.
Book your aerial photography here.

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Hurricane fly-past at Lytham 1940s weekend
A late change to the itinerary saw a Hurricane from the BBMF (not a spitfire) perform a flypast over Lytham Green and windmill supporting the wartime weekend event. Hurricane PZ865 "the last of many" was the last of it's type to be built. Following a recent refurbishment this famous Hurricane sports a colour scheme replicating Hurricane Mk IIC HW840, coded ‘EG-S’, of 34 Squadron, South East Asia Command.

For more information about the aircraft and where to see it click here, for more information about the Lytham Wartime weekend, click here.
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